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Guangzhou Yitian Digital Equipment Co., Ltd., founded in August 1998, formerly known as Guangzhou Jiatu Cultural Office Equipment Co., Ltd., has witnessed the industry strength and credibility for 20 years, and is an expert in the office equipment industry and graphic printing service industry.
Yitian Digital Equipment is committed to providing you with high-quality equipment in the office equipment industry, related skills production training and after-sales maintenance services.
Yitian digital equipment, focusing on product quality and service, provides an integrated equipment configuration solution for the office equipment industry for your reference, to meet the diversified needs and special needs of enterprises.
Yitian Digital Quick Printing Center creates a perfect combination of mutual help mode between store and production production center. It provides high-quality and efficient professional services such as engineering drawing, text production, black and white and color digital direct printing, inkjet printing, business cards, scanning and archiving. .
Yitian Digital, the cooperation model of government departments and enterprises, design units, technology design and development centers, graphic fast printing centers, and training centers of universities and colleges!
Yitian digital equipment authorized agent products have scanning and archiving equipment: shadow source document scanner, German Swiss network engineering scanner copying, printing equipment: HP color multi-function page wide machine (copier), Ricoh color and black and white high-speed copier, Ricoh Digital engineering printers, German Swiss Digital Engineering Printers, Tianlu Hongtu Digital Engineering Blueprints, HP and Epson large format printers.
Supporting post-press equipment: Admiral stacking machine, German Swiss net stacking machine, Pin Xuan wireless binding machine, Dizhichen paper cutter, Uchi folding machine, Dizhichen baler/bundling machine, product promotion heavy Drilling machine/iron wire bookbinding machine, Uchida folding machine, etc. The typical customers of Yitian Digital include Guangdong Electric Power Institute, Guangdong Provincial Architectural Design Institute, South China University of Technology, Xinjiang Electric Power Institute, Nanhai Petroleum, China Railway, Daqing Oilfield. Country Garden, Times Real Estate, Midea, Dongfeng Motor, Guangdong Geological Institute, Guangdong Nuclear Industry Institute, Daya Bay Nuclear Power, Fangchenggang Nuclear Power, Guangdong Ocean Institute, China South Locomotive, China Shipbuilding International, China Southern Airlines, Shunte Electric, Handan Iron and Steel, Yanye More than 1,000 enterprises including Zhongshan Jinma, Nine Dragons Paper and South China Expressway.
"Professional, one step ahead, and guiding the trend", the business philosophy of Yitian Digital began here!
"Excellence, timely, and heart-to-heart communication", the after-sales concept of Yitian Digital is rooted in this!
Just to do better! Yitian Digital has a sincere and a persistent attachment, and firmly believes that a deep cultivation will give you more than one harvest, and will serve you all the way!