Admiral HD5600SL Stacker

Admiral HD5600SL Stacker

Product Details

The product description perfectly matches any existing drawing production equipment within 22 meters per minute;
The workbench uses an independent motor, and if there is a paper jam in the stacking machine in the stacking operation;
The workbench will continue to collect the drawings currently being printed into the overlay machine, and will not get stuck between the printer and the overlay machine;
The overlay is smooth and accurate;
Automatically identify the drawing specifications when online and set the corresponding horizontal stack size as required;
Automatic stacking and manual feeding can be achieved without stacking drawings during online operation;
Automatically stop the alarm when the paper jams and display the paper jam position;
Product parameters input drawing specifications:
A3, A2, A1, A0: When stacked, the drawing size can be infinitely long;
Large stacking speed: 15 sheets of A2/stacked pattern: general stacking method (first and last page alignment);
Edge stacking method (20mm~40mm adjustable);
Free stacking method (the tail page size is random);
Three kinds of pre-stored are set according to the special needs of users and stored;
Support manual paper feed folding on the online workbench.
Stack width: vertical stack width: 170mm~240mm (continuously adjustable)
Binding edge width: 10mm~40mm
Drawing mode: top conveyor belt stacking power supply indicator: voltage: 220V ± 10% input power: 280W ± 10%
Dimensions: Length: 2100mm Width: 1000mm Thickness: 1750mm
Machine weight: 290kg

Postpress equipment also includes: wireless binding machine, Uchi folding machine, etc.