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How to use the copier correctly
- 2019-10-12-

The copier needs to be maintained after a certain number of copies have been made, or when the quality of the copy has dropped significantly. Only when repairs and maintenance are performed normally, the machine is not prone to damage and can always maintain satisfactory copying results.

Common knowledge of the use of copiers:

1. Choose the right place to install and copy. Pay attention to high temperature, dustproof, shockproof and direct sunlight. At the same time, ensure that the ventilation and ventilation environment is good, because the copying machine produces trace ozone, and the operator should go to work every time. Take a break outdoors. Usually try to reduce the movement, if you want to move, you must move horizontally, not tilt. In order to ensure good operation, at least 90 cm should be left on the left and right sides of the machine, and 13 cm space should be left on the back (if the machine is equipped with a pager, it takes about 23 cm). Be careful when handling and using the copier.

2, should use a stable AC connection, the power supply should be: 220--240V, 50Hz, 15A.

3. After going to work every morning, first open the copier for about half an hour to keep the copier dry.

4, to maintain the copier glass platen clean, no scratches, can not have correction fluid, fingerprints and other stains, otherwise it will affect the copying effect. If there are spots, clean the glass with a soft glass cleaner.

5, in the copier work process must be covered with the above stop plate to reduce the damage of glare to the eyes.

6. If you need to copy a book and other documents that need to be bound, please choose a copier with separate scanning performance. In this way, copy shadows due to uneven binding can be eliminated.

7. If the background of your copy is shaded, dust may have entered the lens of your copier. At this point, you need to professionally clean the copier.

8. When the copier faceplate displays the red light plus powder signal, the user should add powder to the copier in time; if the powder is not added in time, the copier may malfunction or produce powder impact noise. When adding toner, loosen the toner and follow the instructions. Do not use substitute powder (false powder), otherwise it will cause faults such as flying powder, bottom ash, shortening the service life of the carrier, and because of the high waste toner rate, the actual copying amount is less than 2/3 of the real powder. .

9. Before adding copy paper, check whether the paper is dry and clean. Then smooth out the copy paper and arrange it in a paper tray with the same size and specifications. The paper in the tray cannot exceed the thickness allowed by the copier. Please check the manual to determine the thickness range. In order to keep the paper dry, a box of desiccant can be placed in the copying machine tray. After using the copy paper every day, the copy paper should be wrapped and placed in a dry cabinet.

10. After using the copier every time, be sure to wash your hands in time to eliminate the damage caused by residual dust on your hands.

11. Turn off the power switch of the copier when the work is off work, and cut off the power. Do not turn off the power switch without turning off the machine switch, which will easily cause machine malfunction.