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Advantages of the HP Page Wide Machine
- 2019-10-12-

If in the past few years, who is developing very fast in the field of digital copiers, it is undoubtedly the traditional desktop printing - HP. Yes, since the launch of HP's self-powered digital copiers, it has released a strong offensive desire to the market and channels with the release of 30 new products a year, and its digital copier products have been developed through the past two years. The ratio is less than 2%, up to 10% so far, and has achieved good results in the digital copier industry in China.

With the previous generation of page-wide printing products with high-speed output capability, the market will be cultivated for many years. What are the highlights of the new generation of HP page wide machines ?

At present, digital multi-functional products in the market mainly include two types of products: page-width printing technology using inkjet printing principle and traditional laser printing technology. Both of them are sufficient to stand in the market, and have been vigorously developed in recent years. Hewlett-Packard, the digital copier product, uses a two-line combat approach, and the product types using the two printing technologies are basically the same.

In fact, in our previous interviews with HP executives and market feedback, the page-wide printing products are not in conflict with the laser printing products. It is like the electric vehicles running on the roads and the gasoline-powered cars have their own advantages. Enterprise users can choose products with different technologies according to their own needs, and what HP needs to do is to make the use of the two and the follow-up services consistent.

As a HP page wide machine designed for large and medium-sized workgroups, the product has a nominal print speed of 80ppm, a copy speed of 80cpm, a scan speed of 60ipm, and a standard tray capacity of 500 pages. Users can purchase 550 pages of A3 paper. A variety of accessories, such as a 550-page A4 base, a 2 x 2000-page A4 base, a 3 x 550-page A3 base, a stapler, a stacker, and a puncher, meet diverse needs. The device is equipped with a 3 x 550-page A3 base.

We can see that the HP page wide machine is consistent with the digital composite machine products using laser printing technology in terms of comprehensive performance. In some performances, it is even slightly higher than similar competitors using laser printing technology. The principle of environmentally friendly inkjet printing The addition of page-wide technology undoubtedly meets the needs of mid- to high-end enterprise users who have high requirements for the office environment in the market.