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Precautions for operating the wireless binding machine
- 2019-10-12-

The wireless binding machine can be used to bind books, photo albums, sticky notes, hardcover books, etc. It is especially suitable for graphic production centers, libraries, photo studios, small and medium-sized printing enterprises, design institutes, research institutes, publishing centers, government agencies, large enterprises and other institutions. The binding of documents, combined with high-quality output tools and high-quality printing paper, is a better choice for short-running fast-loading books and tender binding. The glue-filled effect can better reflect the professional level of documents.

The stability and service life of the plastic packaging machine are closely related to your daily maintenance. Clean the plastic binding machine frequently and oil the moving parts to make your love machine last for a long time and the service life is longer.

Now let's talk briefly about the precautions in the use of the wireless binding machine:

1. Frequently remove the glue stuck on the lower plate of the table, the cover table and other parts outside the glue tank; do not use metal or hard things to clear the glue (you can use gasoline, or alcohol to pay attention to fire prevention) Safety)

2. Add butter to the chain and plastic chain of the trolley at least once a month;

3. Add low-viscosity white oil to the guide rod that moves around the car at least once a month; (no butter added)

4. Add butter to the gears on the gears, the clamping table and the gears on the gripper motor at least once a month;

5. Add high-temperature engine oil to the bushings on both sides of the rubber wheel and the rubber wheel at least once a month;

6. The paper scraps in the milling cutter pool and the dust bag should be cleaned and maintained regularly.

7. If you have certain mechanical maintenance knowledge, you can check regularly whether all the screws are fastened (into the fixing screws under the clamping platform);

8. If you encounter an undetermined problem, please contact us in time.