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Precautions for the use of color digital copiers
- 2019-10-12-

The use of color digital copiers should pay attention to the use environment of the copier and good post-maintenance. Due to the large workload of the compound machine, it should be effectively maintained on a regular basis, and it should also give the compound machine a good working environment. Firstly, ensure that the compound machine works in a clean environment, and keep the compound machine away from dust as much as possible. At the same time, it should ensure that the working environment of the compound machine is relatively dry and not wet, and do not place too heavy items on the top plate of the compound machine to avoid the environment. Or the effect of foreign objects on the copier. Also be careful not to place hard objects around the compound machine or on the fuselage, especially metals such as paper clips or pushpins. Once these metals fall into the compound machine, they will scratch the internal parts of the compound machine, and the metal will contact the working circuit board, causing the internal electronic components of the copier to short-circuit and damage the compound machine.

In addition, during the use, no matter whether the power supply, cable, or paper jam is removed, the power of the composite machine must be cut off before the operation can be performed. The live operation will cause current impact and is easy to break down. The circuit board of the compound machine. When doing regular maintenance, do not use chemical solvents, or use a damp cloth with a hard texture to clean dust, paper scraps, and stains inside the machine. Do not use paper products such as tissue paper to clean the copier. Internal, so as not to leave paper scraps in the compound machine. The second is the correct operation and use. In addition to following the steps - step by step to operate the copier correctly, you need to use and set up correctly. For example, simple paper feeding also requires care. Properly placing the copied paper not only ensures that the printing is performed normally, but also effectively eliminates the paper jam in the copying machine. When in use, the user should follow the instructions to place the copy paper in the input tray, to ensure that the machine is not out of paper during use, and to pay attention to the flatness of the position when placing the copy paper in the input tray, and to ensure Do not put the paper too full.