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The advantages of choosing a Swiss scanner
- 2019-10-12-

Swiss-Scanners are commonly used in computer-based instrumentation to capture images and convert them into digital input devices that computers can display, edit, store, and output. Scanners can be used as scanning objects for photos, text pages, drawings, art drawings, photographic film, film film, and even textile, signage panels, printed board samples, etc., to extract and original lines, graphics, text, photos The planar object is converted into a device that can be edited and added to the file. The scanner is an input system in computer-aided design. It is composed of computer software and computer, output device (laser printer, laser plotter) interface, and constitutes a computer processing system before screen printing. It is suitable for office automation and is widely used in signage panels. Printed board, printing industry, etc.

Now let's talk about the advantages of the Swiss scanner:

1 can organize art and pictures in the document;

2 Scan the printed text into the word processing software, eliminating the trouble of re-typing;

3 pairs of printed plates, panel sign samples (the board has no disk files, no film film) scanned into the computer, can design and copy the wiring diagram of the board, solve the problem of copying board, improve the efficiency of copying board ;

4 can realize automatic entry and editing of printed board sketches, automatic entry of Chinese character panels and complex icons, and modification of pictures;

5 add images to the multimedia product;

6 Integrate visual information into the literature to make it more efficient to exchange and communicate.

Preprocessing includes text separation, normalization, smoothing, binarization, and noise cancellation. The preprocessing method is to separate the characters one by one and normalize them into images of the same size. After special processing and noise elimination, conditions are created for subsequent processing.

If the recognized typeface character is recognized, it is generally possible to identify the character by using a method in which the screen scanner is overlapped with the reference image, and it is not necessary to extract the feature in the character image. If it is a handwritten character, the corresponding character feature needs to be extracted by the contour tracking method. The extracted features are the basis for recognition, such as the length of the stroke, the angle, the endpoint, the pen division, the surrounding features, etc., which are represented in the form of multidimensional data. The learning pattern as the recognition standard is also stored in the recognition dictionary in the form of a multidimensional vector.