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Copier malfunctions and solutions
- 2019-10-12-

The copier is one of the more commonly used equipments in the current office environment. It is very important for the daily work and operation of all departments of the enterprise and plays a fundamental role. In the daily use process, it will inevitably encounter various problems, especially for enterprises with large demand for printing of various paper documents, in the case of eager to use the copy machine, but the maintenance personnel can not be present immediately, it will cause Affects a variety of adverse effects such as business operations. Therefore, it is necessary to understand some common problems and solutions.

Question 1: Paper jam

Paper jam is a very troublesome problem encountered in the process of using the machine. There are two reasons for the paper jam in the engineering copier: one is that the device of the device is old and worn, and the other is improper use. Caused by factors.


1. Check if the copy paper is wrinkled, and if it is, you should replace it with new ones.

2. Look at the machine display jam location if there is any residual paper not cleaned.

3. If the check is normal, turn off the machine and restart it and then copy one more.

4. If the paper jam still occurs, you should contact the maintenance personnel to check the reason.

Question 2: Insufficient toner

In the process of using the copier, there will be a message that the toner is missing. Generally, the panel displays the red light plus powder signal. In this case, you need to fill the prepared toner in time or purchase the toner that matches the specifications of the copier. If it is misused. The toner that does not match the copier will affect the life of the copier, and the printing effect will be poor. If the powder is not added in time, the copier will malfunction or the powder impact noise will be generated.


1. Disconnect the power supply, remove the toner cartridge containing the toner from the copier, clean the dust and residual powder with a soft material cloth, and then load new toner (note that it cannot be filled too much), the ink cartridge Reinstall the copier.

2. Turn the power back on. In the process, the copier usually has a few minutes of automatic recognition time. After the recognition is completed, try to copy several copies of the viewing effect.

3. If there are black vertical bars or messy black spots in the process of copying, it is necessary to consider whether the waste toner bin used for loading waste toner is too full, which will seriously affect the life of the machine and the future. The use of the effect, the equipment is worn out seriously and even the toner cartridge is scrapped. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the waste toner bin on time and take care of the machine to effectively extend the service life of the components inside the copier.

Question 3: The color of the copy is light

The color and unclearness of the copied pictures and texts are frequent and very distressing problems. The following reasons show and analyze the causes of the problems one by one. You can usually understand more and more in case you need them.

The cause of the problem and the corresponding solution:

1. The surface charge potential of the photosensitive drum is too low, causing the surface potential difference after exposure to be too small, that is, the contrast of the electrostatic latent image is small. - Adjust the charging potential or adjust the distance between the charging wire and the drum.

2. The ambient humidity of the copier is too large, and the moisture content of the paper is too large. - Move the copier and paper to a drier space, or improve the office environment where the copier and paper are located.

3. Electromechanical reasons: The transfer electrode wire is too dirty, sticky toner, dust, paper dust, affecting the transfer voltage; the transfer electrode wire is too far from the photosensitive drum surface (paper), the transfer current is too small, can not The paper has a sufficient transfer charge on the back side to affect the transfer effect. - Clean the transfer wire or adjust the distance between the transfer wire and the drum.

4. The toner in the developing device is too small to be sufficiently developed to cause the development contrast to be low. ——Check and fill the toner in the developer in time to reduce the bad friction of the equipment.

The above are the three types of problems we often encounter during the use of engineering copiers. Many familiar with early mastering are conducive to better maintenance of the equipment, the printing effect is naturally better, improve office efficiency, and help the business development. In the process of cleaning and maintaining the equipment, it is necessary to strictly follow the steps and requirements in the instruction manual. Remember to not use excessive force and blind maintenance. Otherwise, it may cause serious damage to the equipment, especially for the critical parts such as developing devices that are easily contaminated. . When there is any problem with the equipment, you must immediately maintain or call the maintenance personnel to come to the door service, do not hold the luck, long-term accumulation will cause irreversible damage to the equipment.

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