瑞网650I 4044 large format scanner

瑞网650I 4044 large format scanner

Product Details

Product Description Product Description German Swiss Network Project scans dual light sources, no creases, supports a wider range of color gamut space, ROWE scanmanager software can help you achieve a variety of functions such as copying, printing, mailing, editing and scanning.
The new ROWE Scan 650i has a number of core patented technologies that are key to its super productivity and your core competitive advantage.
In view of ROWE's efficient LED cold light source, even if color scanning is performed, the scanner does not need to warm up and wait for it to be turned on.
This not only saves time and energy, but also reduces operating costs.
The ROWE Scan 650i, manufactured with high-quality raw materials, is designed to meet future standards and supports future generations of printers. It can guarantee your investment to achieve high returns in the future. Ingeniously adopting high-quality raw materials and integrating craftsmanship, ROWE Scan 650i is obtained. Extraordinary durability.
Minimize the wear of the scanning glass and increase the protection of the original. Thanks to ROWE SAFE DRIVE safe drive technology, the ROWE Scan 650i is able to increase the life of the scanning glass to 5 times that of conventional scanning glass (patented)

Prepress equipment also includes: Swiss network scanners, etc.