Uchida EZF200 folding machine

Uchida EZF200 folding machine

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product description:
UCHIDA/Uchida is a professional manufacturer of office equipment stationery and postpress equipment in Japan with thousands of products. Marketing in dozens of places around the world.

The EZF series of paper folding machines is a new series of high speed origami equipment from Uchida. More powerful, more stable work and easier operation.
The EZF-200 paper folding machine is a professional high speed paper folding machine.
Can complete all major paper folding types.
Has a special origami mode: noise reduction mode - reduce folding noise; thick paper mode - gives paper a greater folding impact; fast mode - faster folding speed, 14,400 sheets per hour.
Error mapping and error codes make it easier to clear jams.
Simple and intuitive control panel.
The folded cardboard can be inserted quickly. The clear and perfect origami logo ensures quick adjustment to meet the folding requirements of different sizes of paper.
The paper output roller is designed to make the finished product more tidy.
The quick release design of the folding roller makes maintenance cleaning easier.
Product details folding knife higher speed: 14400 copies / hour (/min)
Machine power: 0.05 (Kw)
Place of Origin: Japanese Packaging: Carton Weight: 26 (kg)
Processing customization: Negative quantity range: 46.5--140 (g/m2)
Dimensions: 1010 × 545 × 500