Uchida EZF500 folding machine

Uchida EZF500 folding machine

Product Details

Product Description The EZF series of paper folding machines is a new series of high speed origami equipment from Uchida. More powerful, more stable work and easier operation.
The EZF-500 paper folding machine is a fully automatic high speed paper folding machine with automatic origami position setting function.
The folding mode can be stored and recalled via the touch screen. The folding speed is fast, reaching 14400 pieces / hour.
It can be done by adding components: indentation, perforation, paper cutting, etc.
The touch screen display support settings and fault display are more intuitive and easier to operate.
There are 36 sets of folding storage and fine-tuning storage, and 12 sets of special folding storage double feed detection sensors to prevent misfolded paper from being mistakenly output.
Perforation/counting device: The ezf-500/600 can be used as a piercing branch by replacing the perforated unit folding table.
It can also add or replace perforations/scores/knife heads in units to give multiple finishings.
Product parameters Large paper range: 300X432mm
Smaller paper range (only foldable): 91×128mm
Paper quality range: 46.5-140g/m2 (up to 210g/m2)
Origami type: double fold, inner three fold, outer three fold, four fold, official document fold, Guanyin fold, (cross fold)
Paging speed, sheet / hour (A4): 1800-14400
Paper filling amount: 500 sheets (64g/m2)
Specification size (W) X (D) X (H): 1030 × 545 × 500mm
Weight: 29.6kg